Composite Veneers in West Perth

Everyone dreams of having a sparkling, white set of teeth; for many people, gaps between teeth and crooked or stained teeth can be embarrassing. Plus, dental health will also be compromised, leaving precious teeth vulnerable to extensive dental issues.

At West Perth Dental Centre, we offer composite veneers as a minimally invasive option for patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile. Our experienced team is skilled at applying dental veneers and will achieve your desired results.

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Who Is a Candidate for Composite Veneers?

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your smile, composite veneers may be the right choice. This type of dental restoration can be completed in just one appointment. Let’s take a closer look at who is a good candidate for this popular cosmetic dentistry procedure:

You have enough tooth enamel.

A healthy enamel surface is necessary for composite veneers to adhere properly to your teeth. If decay has caused too much damage, other restorative treatments may need to be considered instead.

You want to cover up stained and discoloured teeth.

Tooth stains can occur due to smoking cigarettes or drinking coffee, tea, and wine regularly. Composite veneers can help cover up these unsightly stains and give you back a bright white smile.

You have good oral health.

Getting a composite veneer requires healthy gums and teeth free of infection and gum disease. Otherwise, your smile makeover will be ineffective and won't last long.

You don't suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding).

If you grind your teeth excessively, the enamel of your teeth can be damaged, which may interfere with the bonding of the composite material.

Common Dental Problems That
Composite Veneers Can Address

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

The jagged edges of a chipped tooth can cause gum inflammation and make it more difficult to brush and floss properly. Cracks, on the other hand, can weaken the structure of your teeth, leaving them susceptible to further damage.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth can make it difficult to brush and floss properly, leading to an increased risk of cavities and gum disease. Additionally, this dental problem can strain the jaw, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Tooth Gaps

Left unmanaged, gaps between your teeth can allow plaque and bacteria to build up, leading to unpleasant bad breath and an increased risk of decay and gum disease.

Stained Teeth

Having stained teeth can have a negative effect on one's self-esteem and oral health. Dark-coloured foods and drinks, smoking, and certain medications are just some of the factors that cause your teeth to look dull and yellow.

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ABOUT Composite Veneers

When it comes to your beautiful smile, you want something that will last. Composite veneers in West Perth offer a natural-looking cosmetic treatment option for those looking to improve their smile, and with proper care, they should last 4–8 years. They’re made of a durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

However, it’s important to remember that composite veneers are not indestructible and can be chipped or cracked if you bite down on hard foods or objects. So it’s important to take care of your composite veneers just like you would your natural teeth.

Do you feel self-conscious about your smile because of discoloured, chipped, or crooked teeth? Composite veneers might be just what you need! It offers several benefits, including:

  1. Cost-effective.

    Composite veneers are made from a durable plastic material that can be easily shaped to create a natural-looking smile. They are also less expensive than porcelain veneers, making them a great option for people who want to enhance their smile without breaking the bank.

  2. Less removal of tooth enamel.

    Composite veneers are much thinner and require only a minimal amount of tooth enamel to be removed. This helps to preserve your natural teeth and keep them healthy.

  3. Requires a single dental appointment.

    Composite veneers are a popular choice since they can be completed in a single dental appointment. As a result, they are a convenient and time-saving option for busy patients who want to improve their smile.

  4. Strong and durable.

    Tooth veneers are also widely used because they are strong and durable, resisting staining and chipping. With proper care, tooth veneers can last for many years, making them a wise investment in oral health.

  5. Matches the colour of your natural teeth.

    The tooth-coloured resin in composite veneers resembles your natural teeth so closely that they are virtually indistinguishable from them.

  6. Addresses a wide variety of dental concerns.

    Getting composite veneers makes your smile beautiful and boosts your oral health. A veneer in West Perth can be used to dramatically enhance the appearance of stained, chipped, misshapen, or slightly misaligned teeth while restoring their strength and function.

Composite and porcelain veneers can both give you a stunning smile. However, it’s important to weigh all of your options before making a decision. Here’s a quick rundown of the differences between composite and porcelain veneers:

  • Time
    Composite veneers in West Perth can be done in one visit, chairside. Your dentist will match the resin to the shade of your surrounding teeth to create a natural appearance. On the other hand, porcelain veneers are made in a dental laboratory and require two visits, which takes longer to receive than composite veneers.

  • Durability
    Porcelain veneers are more durable than composite veneers and can last up to 10–15 years with proper care. Meanwhile, composite veneers are less durable and typically only last 4–8 years. If you are looking for a long-lasting option, porcelain veneers are a great option. However, if you’re searching for a more budget-friendly option, composite veneers may be a good choice.

  • Aesthetics
    Composite veneers are made of plastic and glass and can be easily matched to the colour of your natural teeth. In contrast, porcelain veneers are made from a translucent material that allows them to catch light in a very similar way to natural teeth. Furthermore, composite resins can also produce great results, but porcelain is often considered the more premium option.

  • Cost
    Composite veneers are typically made from a resin material and are less expensive than porcelain veneers. On the other hand, porcelain veneers are made from ceramic material and can be more costly.

    Ultimately, the effective way to decide whether composite or porcelain veneers are right for you is to consult with a dental professional. They will be able to answer any questions you have and help you make an informed decision about which type of veneer in West Perth is suitable for you.

Luckily, modern technology has made it easier to create composite veneers that look incredibly natural. The excellent material used to create composite veneers is similar in colour and texture to natural tooth enamel so that it can be matched to your existing teeth.

The first step is to choose the right shade of composite material. This can be done by matching the composite to the colour of your natural teeth or by choosing a slightly lighter or darker shade to create a more dramatic effect. Once the right shade has been chosen, the composite can be sculpted into place and hardened with a high-intensity light. The result is a beautiful, natural-looking smile that you can be proud of.

Just like your natural teeth, composite veneers require effort to keep them in shape. Here are a few things you can do to take care of them:

  • Brush twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste, as it will help remove plaque and prevent staining on your tooth veneer.

  • Floss daily to remove plaque between your teeth and the gum line, and be sure to use a gentle flossing technique to avoid damaging the veneer.

  • Refrain from biting or chewing on hard objects (ice, hard candy, etc.), which can crack or chip the custom-made veneers.

  • You should also minimise the consumption of staining foods and drinks, including coffee, tea, and red wine. Remember to brush your teeth shortly afterwards if you enjoy these products. You may also want to consider using a straw when drinking beverages that could cause staining.

  • It’s also important to avoid smoking, as the nicotine in cigarettes can cause stains that are difficult to remove from composite veneers.

  • Addressing teeth grinding (bruxism) can help your composite veneer last longer. This bad habit can damage tooth veneers as well as your natural teeth. If you think you may be grinding your teeth at night, talk to your skilled dentist about getting a night guard to protect your bright smile.

  • It’s further recommended to see your dentist regularly for cleanings and checkups, as they can check for any signs of wear and tear and can make any necessary improvements.

You can expect the cost of composite veneers to vary depending on several factors, such as the number of veneers you get, how severe your dental problem is, and whether any pre-treatment is necessary before the veneers are placed. On average, the cost of composite veneers starts at $420 to $650 per tooth.

To get a more accurate estimate for your veneer dental treatment, contact us today at West Perth Dental Centre to schedule your initial consultation. We’re excited to hear from you!

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