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Orthodontics aim to improve the appearance, position, and function of teeth by using orthodontic appliances.
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Benefits of Orthodontics

The advantages of orthodontics go beyond correcting misaligned teeth and bite problems. It also improves self-image and confidence. What’s important is to consult with your dentist so they can recommend the suitable orthodontic treatment for your particular needs. Here’s a list of the most common benefits of orthodontics:

Improved oral health

Having straight teeth makes it easier to brush and floss them properly. It also prevents food particles from getting stuck in the crevices, lessening cavities and gum disease risks.

Improved speech

When teeth are misaligned, it could cause problems with speaking clearly. Orthodontic treatment can help by adjusting the positioning of the teeth and making pronunciation easier.

A more beautiful smile

The most visible benefit of orthodontics is achieving a straighter, more attractive smile, which boosts self-confidence. This is especially helpful for patients with severe misalignment or crooked teeth.

Jaw and joint pain relief

Orthodontics can help reduce jaw tension, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain caused by abnormal bite patterns. They work by adjusting the positioning of the teeth and jaws with appliances.

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Having crooked and misaligned teeth doesn’t only affect your appearance and how you feel about yourself, but can also influence your quality of life. It can be difficult and painful to bite and chew your food and pronounce certain words correctly. It may even be harder to clean your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

At West Perth Dental Centre, we offer various types of orthodontic care to address these dental concerns by utilising modern technology and techniques. This helps us work efficiently and provide you with favourable results.

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ABOUT Orthodontics

If you have crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth or an improper bite, you may benefit from orthodontic treatment. You have a few options, including plastic aligners and metal braces. If you’re looking for orthodontics in West Perth, call us to book a consultation, and we can assess your case.

This depends on the orthodontic procedure you will receive, like mini braces, traditional braces, or Invisalign, and your pain tolerance. Generally, orthodontic appliances may put pressure on your teeth, which can cause discomfort. However, this usually goes away after a few days as you get used to these medical devices.

 Note that Invisalign aligners are made of medical grade plastic, so they are less likely to cause discomfort. It’s always a good idea to maintain regular appointments with your dentist to check if your appliances are fitted properly and if there are any areas of discomfort.

Upon your initial consultation, your dentist will assess your oral health to determine which viable option suits your needs. This includes taking x-rays and moulds of your teeth. Once the dentist has all the necessary information, they can develop a personalised treatment plan for you. They will also discuss the procedure, its benefits and risks, and provide you with a more accurate estimate of the cost of treatment. 

You may also know if your private health insurance can cover some of the expenses, and you can have an idea of how much out-of-pocket expenses you may have to pay. Also, you can use this time to voice any concerns you have about the treatment process to your dentist, such as how long the treatment is expected to last or certain step-by-step instructions.

This depends on the position of your wisdom teeth and how they may affect the alignment of your other teeth. If they are impacted or crowding your other teeth before your treatment time begins, your dentist may recommend that they be removed. But in general, wisdom teeth are not a deciding factor when seeking orthodontic treatment.

A dentist and an orthodontist are both doctors who have studied how to diagnose, address, and prevent oral health problems. These include issues with the teeth, gums, and other structures in the mouth. Both can perform general dentistry. However, an orthodontist has undergone additional training in straightening teeth and jaws, and correcting improper bites.

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