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Tooth gaps, also known as diastema, refer to the space between two or more teeth. They can be barely noticeable, while for others, they may be quite pronounced. Tooth gaps can be a cosmetic dental concern and a breeding ground for plaque and tartar buildup.

Let our experienced dentists at West Perth Dental Centre help enhance those tooth gaps! Various dental treatments can close gapped teeth and reduce other risks of oral health issues. We use state-of-the-art dental technology to create a personalised treatment plan.

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Common Signs and Symptoms of Tooth Gaps

Teeth that are apart

The evident indication of tooth gaps is the excessive spaces between two or more teeth. They appear to be sitting apart from each other.

Bleeding gums

The gaps can expose the gums, making them prone to irritation and injury. The gums may become sore and bleed while brushing or flossing, even during normal activities like eating.

Receding gums

When plaque or tartar forms in the gapped teeth, the bacteria can infect and destroy gum tissues. This problem can lead to gum recession or gums begin to pull back from the teeth.

Loose teeth

Loose teeth can also be a sign of diastema or tooth gaps. Related to gums recession, the teeth can loosen from their sockets when the soft tissues and bone deteriorate.

Our Services That Can Address Tooth Gaps

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Dental Veneers

Dental veneers can be a great option to close unsightly tooth gaps. The dentist will bond each veneer onto the front tooth surface. They can alter the shape and size of the teeth so they can cover up excessive spaces.

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The Invisalign treatment gradually shifts the teeth using clear aligners that fit snugly over the mouth. Over time, this allows for realignment, which helps close excessive spaces and results in a beautiful smile.

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Dental Crowns

A crown works by encasing the gapped tooth and sitting just above the gum line. This not only helps enhance the spacing between the teeth and make the smile more even, but it also protects the gapped tooth.

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Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover is a combination of different dental procedures to change the appearance of a smile. The dentist can include two or more dental treatments to enhance the spaces and alignment of the teeth.

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ABOUT Tooth Gaps

It is normal for children to have gaps between their teeth when they have a mix of baby and adult teeth since the teeth are falling out naturally and growing at different rates.

Fortunately, these gaps may close on their own when all of the adult teeth come in. Although the dentist will carefully monitor the growth of your child’s teeth and determine if the gaps need orthodontic intervention.

On the other hand, gapped teeth among adults may not improve on their own without the help of the dentist. In most cases, orthodontics may be necessary to address the problem and close the gaps between teeth.

Having large gaps or spaces between your teeth can increase your risk of tooth decay, gum disease and even the receding of your gums. It is because the plaque can build up in the excessive spaces between your teeth, which increases the chance of irritating the gums and attacking the tooth enamel.

Unfortunately, developing tooth decay and gum problems can also heighten the risk of tooth loss as the bacteria damage the bone and tissues that hold the teeth. Consulting the dentist is essential to check your gapped teeth and address them as soon as possible to prevent potential oral health problems.

Tooth gaps can affect your oral hygiene in a variety of ways since they can create an area for debris to get trapped. The crevices or hard-to-reach surfaces may make brushing teeth more difficult, as engaging the bristles against all sides of the tooth gap is difficult to manage.

Tooth gaps can cause discomfort and pain because the gums are more exposed. Big chunks of food may put excessive pressure on the gum, which can lead to soreness and irritation. This can make them more sensitive to bleeding and vulnerable to gingivitis.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely prevent gaps from forming between your adult teeth. Nonetheless, there are ways to lower the potential risks associated with this problem. Consulting your dentist can provide you with insight into treatment options for improving the gaps in your teeth. For younger children, it may also be a good idea to break bad oral habits, such as thumb-sucking, that can put additional pressure on their gums and increase the risk of tooth gaps.

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