Multiple Implants
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Having multiple missing teeth can be a real inconvenience. Without a full set of teeth, it can be difficult to chew properly, speak clearly, and smile with confidence. In addition, missing teeth can cause the other teeth to shift out of place, leading to further dental problems.

At West Perth Dental Centre, we offer a wide range of implant services to suit your needs. Our dental clinic can provide an entire arch reconstruction using multiple implants for teeth to reclaim your beautiful smile.

We’d love to help you live life with a complete smile again. Visit our friendly team to schedule your initial consultation!

multiple implants benefits of multiple implants

Benefits of
Multiple Implants

Traditional methods of replacing teeth, such as dentures or dental bridges, can be uncomfortable and cause damage to surrounding teeth. Thanks to modern implant technology, multiple implants can be used to support prosthetic teeth, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of having your natural teeth back. Other advantages of multiple implants include:

Improved appearance and self-confidence

By restoring your smile and stimulating bone growth in your jaw, you can enjoy an improved appearance. This way, you can feel confident in yourself.

Improved oral health

When tooth loss occurs, the remaining teeth may shift out of place, which can cause many problems. Multiple implants prevent this from happening, preserving your oral health.

Improved comfort and function

Multiple implants act as tooth roots, providing a natural feel. They are also much more secure and stable than removable dentures or bridges, making it easier to chew and speak.

Long lasting and durable

With proper care, multiple implants can last for decades or longer. This makes them a cost-effective treatment option and a long-term investment in your oral health.

Common Dental Problems That
Multiple Implants Can Address

Gum Disease

The early stage of gum disease, known as gingivitis, is characterised by inflammation and bleeding of the gums. Left unmanaged, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis, a more serious form of gum disease resulting in tooth loss.

Bite Problems

Missing teeth can cause a bad bite, which in turn, can cause a variety of dental issues, including pain in the jaw, headaches, and even ear pain. In some cases, bite problems can also lead to TMJ disorders.

Missing Teeth

When a tooth is lost, the bone that supports it starts to shrink. This can cause the surrounding teeth to shift, leading to problems with chewing and speaking.

Jawbone Loss

Tooth loss can cause the jawbone to shrink because of loss of necessary stimulation. As a result, it begins to break down and deteriorate. Furthermore, your facial appearance can change, making you look older.

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Our multiple implants for teeth are designed to provide efficient results by using advanced dental equipment.

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Wide Range of Payment Options

Getting multiple implants in West Perth can be a significant financial investment. We offer a wide range of payment options to suit every budget.

ABOUT Multiple Implants

There are several factors that determine how many implants you can get at once, including the condition of your jawbone, the type of implants you’re getting, and your overall health. If you have adequate bone tissue and are healthy, you may be able to get several implants simultaneously.

However, if you have a weaker jawbone or certain health conditions, you may only be able to get one or two implants. With advances in dentistry, getting several dental implants can be possible if you’re willing to undergo invasive procedures such as bone grafting. Our dental team will assess your oral health condition and create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve your dream smile.

Yes, if you’re missing two natural teeth next to each other, you’ll probably need two dental implants. Implants are usually used to replace one tooth at a time. However, in some cases, high-quality implants can support multiple teeth and, therefore, can support a maximum of three artificial teeth. Let our friendly team help you begin your implant treatment journey today!

For most actual patients, the idea of losing all of their teeth is a nightmare. However, thanks to modern dental technology, it’s now possible to replace an entire set of teeth with a series of titanium screws.

In general, it would take between four and eight implants to provide a full reconstruction of your mouth during dental treatment. Ultimately, the final number will be determined by our team after a thorough examination. They will discuss your advanced treatment options and provide more specific information about how many implants you will need to achieve your desired results.

  • Someone who has unhealthy gums: Unhealthy gums are not a good foundation for multiple implants in West Perth. The gum tissue needs to be strong and healthy to support the implant. If the gums are not healthy, the implant is likely to fail.
  • Someone who has insufficient bone density: Multiple implants for teeth require a certain amount of bone density to be effective. If you have insufficient bone density, it indicates there isn’t enough support for the implants. This can lead to the implants failing or becoming loose over time. Additionally, insufficient bone density can make it more difficult to place the implants in the first place. The dental surgery may be more complicated, and there’s a greater risk that the implants will not fuse properly with the bone.
  • Teenagers under 17: This is because the bones and tissues in their mouths are still growing and developing, and multiple implants could interfere with this process. Additionally, because they are still growing, their jaws may not be fully developed, which could also impact the effectiveness of the surgical procedure.
  • Someone with poor oral health and hygiene: Poor oral health and hygiene can cause issues with implant placement and integration. Also, gum disease can cause bone loss in the jaw, making multiple teeth implants more likely to fail.

With adequate care, dental implants can provide you with a beautiful and functional smile that can last from 20 to 30 years. However, there are a few factors that can affect the durability of multiple teeth implants, including poor oral hygiene and smoking. 

Additionally, some people may be more prone to developing gum disease, which can lead to implant failure. It is important to follow a proper dental care routine and regularly go to your compassionate dentist to detect dental health issues and address them immediately with effective treatment options.

Dental implant procedures are a popular and effective missing teeth replacement. They are typically made of biocompatible titanium and are surgically fused to the jawbone, providing a sturdy foundation for artificial teeth. Since they are securely anchored in place, excellent-quality titanium implants are not susceptible to the same problems that can affect conventional dentures, such as slipping or falling out.

However, it is still possible for dental implants to fail. If the implant is not properly cared for, the surrounding bone tissue can begin to deteriorate, eventually causing the implant to loosen and fall out.

Moreover, if an implant is placed in an area of weak bone, it may be more likely to fail. The common reasons for dental implant failure are infection, damage to the adjacent teeth, and improper implant placement. Fortunately, these problems can usually be minimised with proper dental care and choosing a qualified dentist to perform the surgery.

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