Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits in West Perth

Everyone wants to have a bright, white smile. But over time, our teeth can become stained by the foods we eat and drink, as well as by smoking. While there are a number of over-the-counter whitening products available, they are often ineffective and can even damage your teeth.

At West Perth Dental Centre, we offer take-home teeth whitening kits, so you can achieve professional-grade results in the comfort of your own home. You can also benefit from our reliable Pola teeth whitening system, which is safe for your teeth and gums.

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take home teeth whitening who is a candidate for take home whitening

Who Is a Candidate for Take-Home Teeth Whitening?

Take-home whitening kits are a great way for people to whiten their teeth comfortably at home. These convenient kits are designed to provide results as effectively as an in-office procedure. The following qualifications are important to consider if you are considering a take-home teeth whitening kit:

People who don't have time to visit the dentist.

If you work long hours, have a busy family life, or travel frequently, at-home teeth whitening kits can be of great use since you can use them at your own pace.

People who have sensitive teeth or gums.

Some people may not be able to tolerate professional whitening treatments because of sensitivity to bleaching agents. Fortunately, many take-home teeth whitening treatments contain lower concentrations of bleaching agents.

People with good oral health.

If you already have decay and gum disease, whitening your teeth would only aggravate the problem. A whitening solution may seep into the cavity or inflamed gum pockets, causing irritation and sensitivity.

People who are committed to following instructions.

It is important to remember that this type of treatment requires extra vigilance regarding usage. You must follow all instructions carefully, as improper use of products can cause more harm than good.

Common Dental Problems That
Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits
Can Address

Stained Teeth

When your teeth have become stained, it means that plaque and bacteria have been allowed to build up on the surfaces of your teeth. This can lead to a wide range of problems, including cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

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To make whitening your teeth more accessible, we offer a variety of payment options for our take-home teeth whitening kits.

ABOUT Take-home Teeth Whitening Kits

Take-home teeth whitening kits in West Perth use hydrogen peroxide as the bleaching agent. To begin with, you should place the whitening gel into a mouth tray that fits over your yellow teeth. Usually, you wear the tray for 30 minutes to an hour at a time. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in these products is lower than what you would get in-chair with a qualified dentist, so the treatment will likely take longer. But it can still produce dramatic results, making your teeth appear whiter by several shades.
Teeth whitening kits that you can use at home are safe when used as directed. The key is to follow the instructions carefully and not to overuse the product. Some people may experience temporary side effects such as sensitivity or gum irritation, but these typically resolve within a few days. If you have any concerns, talk to your dental professional before using a whitener for teeth.
The length of time you need to use take-home kits depends on the level of whitening you want to achieve. For instance, if you just want to remove light stains, you may only need to use the whitening kit for a few days or weeks. However, if you want to achieve dramatic results, you may need to use the whitener for teeth kits over a couple of months.

Take-home teeth whitening kits in West Perth are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to achieve brighter smiles. While these kits can be effective in improving the appearance of your teeth, it is important to be aware of the restrictions that come with them.

For instance, it is advised to wait 30 minutes after whitening before eating or drinking, as early consumption can lead to tooth discolouration.
Additionally, it is important to cut out tobacco products completely while using a take-home bleaching kit, as tobacco use has an adverse effect on your oral health and is the leading cause of tooth staining, which can interfere with the process of whitening.

By following these simple guidelines, you can help your whiter teeth remain sparkling and healthy.

For the first 24 hours after teeth whitening, it is recommended to stick with soft foods that won’t stain your teeth. Fish, chicken, and tofu are all good options. You can also eat rice, bread, and pasta as part of a white diet. Moreover, white cheese and yoghurt are also safe to eat after teeth whitening in West Perth. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also beneficial to you, but avoid ones that may stain your teeth, such as blueberries and cherries.
The answer depends on a number of factors, including the type of whitener for teeth kits being used and the person’s oral hygiene habits. Generally speaking, however, the effects of take-home whitening kits will last for six to eight months. With proper care, some patients have enjoyed results lasting up to a year or more.

To maximise the effectiveness of your teeth whitening, here are a few tips:

First, avoid coffee and tea. These drink products can contain pigments that can quickly stain your teeth. If you can’t give them up entirely, try to drink them through a straw to limit contact with your white teeth.

Second, refrain from eating acidic foods. Acidic foods can break down the enamel on your teeth, making them more susceptible to staining. If you can’t avoid them altogether, brush your teeth immediately after eating them to minimise the damage over time.

Third, quit smoking. Smoking not only creates dark stains on your teeth, but also increases your risk of developing gum disease. Quitting will not only make your teeth look better, but it will also improve your overall health.

Finally, brush and floss your teeth daily. This will help to remove any plaque or food particles that could cause staining. Be sure to use toothpaste that contains fluoride to protect your tooth enamel from damage and maintain your whiter smile.

Take-home teeth whitening kits typically cost between $150 and $600. However, the exact price will depend on the specific kit you choose as well as any extras, such as custom-made trays. If you are considering at-home teeth whitening, schedule your appointment with our dental clinic so you can discuss your smile goals with the friendly dentists at our clinic.
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